Dr.Deep is emerging as India’s Brand leader in Home Appliances segment. The vision is to be the most trusted brand in this segment having equal prominence on the global platform. Ever pioneer and ever leading in bringing out the latest technology offering smart machines at affordable costs. Our growth dynamics is uniquely linked with our consumers who drive us to keep innovating and excelling. It is our prime objective to deliver the best quality product and services with upgraded R&D measures.

Dr. Deep group is firm believer in research and delivers with growing consumer’s aspirations and generating an exciting overdrive of healthy competition across the market. It’s our vision and mission coupled with high end upgraded technology and innovative niche designed home appliance which rule every home convincingly for years. Dr. Deep products have come with its clear objective and pragmatic approach to keep every consumer at the center of our endeavors and produce the products that are at par with global standards. Our quest for better corporate performance and greater customer satisfaction would very soon begin to show even better results.

For Dr. Deep , expansion and technology are the key word to achieve the best in the trade. Hence the process of doing better never seems to stop.

We entered into the industry of water purification in the year of 2008 since then we never look back. Today Dr. Deep has added so many products in its bucket. Our ranges of products are as follows:-

UF Water Filter, UV Water Purifier, RO Water Purifier, RO+UV+UF+Mineral Cartridge Water Purifier, Bio Alkaline Water Purifier, Electronic Kitchen Chimneys, Electric Geysers,Gas Geysers, Cook Top & Hobs, Juicer,Mixer & Grinder, Veg Purifier, Air Purifier, Induction etc.


We have good infrastructure provided with well equipped & qualified staff in order to ensure smooth & flawless business. With our profound facilities, we can meet the client’s requirements. In addition we have various offices spread across many locations in order to provide efficient services to our clients.

Effective Dealer Network

We are supplying a wide range of home appliances products. To cater our clients with more precision, we have developed a vast network of dealership at various places. With an extensive distribution network we serve consumers almost in all the part of the country. With the help of a dedicated & dynamic team Dr.Deep is bringing a healthy competition in the industry thus helping the end buyers in getting the worth of their investment.

Why Choose Dr.Deep

It is important for you to question yourself before choosing your Water Purifier. In fact the most important thing for you to know is the purifying technique which would guide you whether your family is drinking 100% pure and healthy water free from dissolved impurities while maintaining essential minerals. With the direct flow of lifeguard purified water it eliminates any chance of contamination and assures you of pure and safe drinking water always. Its key features ensure that the water we provide to millions of happy families of the purest form and takes care of all

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